Time.com 50 Best Websites: Bloggers' Picks

Time.com picked the 50 best websites. See how bloggers respond.

Jul 02

Analysis from Internetrix

The good people at Internetrix have a nice analysis of the TIME.com list, and have even posted a list of their own staff picks.

Jun 24
Jun 19

Marketing Pop Culture’s Top Picks

Rob Fields from Marketing Pop Culture makes his picks for his favorite sites: Google, Twitter, & Del.icio.us are among them


Social Media Guy: “Tumbs Up”

Yianni Garcia, the Social Media Guy, found some surprises on the Time.com list, and here are a few of his own favorites: theshortestblogintheworld, Vimeo, and TED (which seems to be getting a lot of attention here).

Jun 18

Max Kalehoff Names His Favorites

Max Kalehoff, VP of Marketing at Clickable, shares his thoughts. Twitter, LinkedIn, and the ubiquitous Google all make his list.

Jun 17

Geeksugar Hearts Kongregate

Their sister site Popsugar was listed as one of the Top 50, but Geeksugar has a special place in their heart for Kongregate, too.


Family Tree Magazine Likes Geni

The Geneology Insider blog from Family Tree Magazine chooses Geni as their favorite.


Verda Vivo Makes Her Picks

Daryl from Verda Vivo (“Green Life”) likes all of TIME’s green choices, but wishes TED were on the list.


Fashion Tech Trends

Simon from Fashion Tech Trends notes that there are a few fashion sites on TIME.com list — but thinks Polyvore deserves a mention too.

Jun 16

Tasha Has her Browser Windows Full

Tasha Saecker has her favorites, but she’s looking forward to checking out the whole Time.com list.